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logged on to my facebook for the first time in a while and the first few posts I saw were people getting married and then other people talking about being pregnant…

Honestly, I’m still kinda like, everyone’s getting married and having babies and I’m over here doing what with my life? But I’m…

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Who’s ready for their SPRING BREAK BODY?

Ummm…I’m looking at you!

This is part 1 to your spring fling bikini series! Today let’s focus on toning all over. Monday, I will kill you will cardio.

Have fun! Reblog, pin, share, and be sore!!! Very, very sore :)

<3 Cassey

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You are not a pear, you are not an hourglass, you are not an apple; you are a human being, with bumps and crevices and scars. You are a million shapes rolled into one. You are a universe within yourself. You are a human being, and you are magnificent. 

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80 Healthiest Food’s!  Stock up! =)

Follow for more! <3

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Did I miss the memo about turning into a slut

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